What is Engineered Wood? idapac

When deciding on a building project, one of the first decisions you have to make as a building contractor, project manager, or as a homeowner is what type of building construction materials will you use. You have many options, from the fundamental rough framing materials to specialty wood products and engineered wood products.

Idaho Pacific Lumber Company (IdaPac) is a building materials supplier, offering every type of commodity wood product you could need for your single-family housing projects, commercial buildings, or multi-family housing. We supply the construction industry and individuals with the wholesale building supplies they need. We value our customers and ensure 100% satisfaction. Below, we’ll take a look at engineered wood. Contact our construction supply company to learn more today!


Engineered wood is a lot like what you think: it’s wood that is created using natural wood products, but it contains additives, such as adhesives, to make the wood stronger. Most engineered wood products are made from layers of wood and adhesives, and they are constructed differently to cater to different needs. For example, if you are looking for wood to be used outdoors, you can expect a waterproof adhesive to be used.

One type of engineered wood most people are familiar with is plywood. Plywood is composed of layers of veneer that are glued together to create paneled wood. These veneer layers are alternated in grain, which results in incredibly strong, stable building materials for floors, shelves, stairs, cabinets, and more. Engineered wood flooring is especially popular. It is made with a real wood top layer with plywood layers underneath. This helps ensure the wood does not warp.


Created for Building Purposes

The beauty of engineered wood is that you can create it for specific purposes. This means you don’t have to rely on one type of wood to do many different jobs. For example, one type of building material is laminated veneer lumber (LVL). This engineered wood was originally created to hold extremely heavy loads. It is longer than regular lumber and the weak points in natural wood have been taken out. This is a preferred type of lumber product for homes with open floor plans that don’t feature as many support beams as other types of homes. This engineered wood also can be pliable, as it is used for curved walls and other features in homes as well.

Extremely Strong

This is probably the biggest benefit of using engineered wood for any wood project. After all, strength was the impetus for creating this type of building supply in the first place. The glued layers of wood is an incredibly potent combination that helps add stability, strength, and helps resist wood predators, such as insects, termites, mold, wood rot, and more. Warping and bending are virtually eliminated since the glue creates a bond that is extremely hard to mold. Thus, when you choose engineered wood as your building construction material of choice, you can count on longevity and beauty for a very long time.


As a contractor, project manager, custom home builder, home remodeling company, commercial builder, or multi-family construction manager, choosing a building materials supplier is a big decision. Not only do you want the best lumber company that has all of the framing and building supplies that you need, but you also want one that offers timely deliveries and one that is affordable.

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