There is most definitely a method to framing and building that has been tested over the centuries. When wood became the dominant material with which to build a home, the most popular framing method was to fit shaped wooden poles together and then use joints to connect these poles. This was the traditional timber framing for centuries, which is the type of framing used to build log homes.

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Modern Framing Techniques


Braced framing

While not all that popular of a framing technique for homes, braced framing is a technique similar to balloon framing except it is designed to withstand wind and earthquakes. It is built in a manner so as not to sway, which is why it’s a popular commercial construction method. The lumber used is heavier than platform and balloon framing, which is another reason it remains unpopular with home builders.

Platform framing

The most popular way to frame a home today, platform framing constructs the walls on home separately, increasing their stability. This also allows for shorter pieces of lumber to be used and is safer for workers who can stand on a solid floor surface to frame. With spaces in-between the lumber boards, the risk of fire decreases drastically. You’ll see platform framing used in the construction of pole barns as well.

Balloon framing

Popular after log cabin framing fell by the wayside, balloon framing uses studs that run the full length of the house from the foundation to the roof. This entails very long lumber, which can be hard to come by and more expensive. Plus, with long timbers, the danger of fire rises. Thus, many home builders have moved away from balloon framing in recent years.


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