What Are the Different Types of Specialty Wood? idapac

Wood can be some of the most beautiful features in a home or commercial building. From the beautiful natural colors to the stains and the patterns of wood, a great wood floor can be the centerpoint of a room.

Idaho Pacific Lumber Company (IdaPac) is a construction supply company that offers many different types of wholesale building supplies to custom home builders, multi-family residential construction builders, and commercial builders. From roofing and building paper to insulation, crane mats, rough framing materials, specialty wood products, and more, we’ve got your needs covered. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of specialty wood you can use in your new home or commercial builds. Contact our builders’ supply company to get started today!



One of the most beautiful woods, mahogany can lend a touch of class to any room. It is easy to work and has a consistent grain that gives it an incredible beauty. It is long-lasting with the proper care, and makes for excellent hardwood flooring since the girth of the tree can be quite large. The natural reddish-brown hue of mahogany deepens over time and is a beautiful red color. Easy to work and very durable, mahogany continues to be a favorite in homes across the United States.


Ebony has been a favorite among homeowners for a long time, and has been used by ancient kings for their most valued possessions, such as scepters and drinking cups. With its distinctive black color, ebony can truly make one stop in their tracks. This specialty wood grows in West Africa and boasts a very fine texture, is very stable, is a hardwood, and has a high density. It is also a popular wood for woodworking, musical instruments, cabinetwork, piano keys, and other uses, making it in high demand.

Leopard Wood

This specialty wood gets its name from the fact that it is speckled with dark flecks that are reminiscent of a leopard’s coat. Extremely strong and versatile, this wood’s natural patterns and unique coloring make it a favorite for furniture, decorative veneer, accent wood, and any other use in your home that you want to stand out. This gorgeous wood is rare and grows only in Brazil and Chile. The patterns of different trees are not uniform either, making this specialty wood truly unique in your home.

Spanish Cedar

If you are looking for a bright, cheery wood, then look no further than Spanish cedar. This hardwood has no relation to the soft cedar trees of the United States. Found in tropical regions from Mexico to Argentina, this wood is often mistaken for mahogany because of its red color. However, this red is much lighter, and it’s known for its beautiful scents it gives off. It is popular amongst homeowners and builders for windows, cabinets, and furniture. And an added bonus? It is rot resistant, easy to work with, and will take your breath away.


IdaPac is proud to be the preferred hardwood lumber supplier of builders across the United States. With over 40 years of experience, we offer a wide range of specialty woods to truly make your home builds unique and beautiful. Our employee-owned wholesale building supply company focuses on offering superior customer service, as well as offering you the highest-quality building materials, including specialty lumber. If you are looking for a wholesale building supply company with the best prices and selection, as well as a wide selection of construction supplies, such as doors and cabinets, reach out to a team member today!