Shelter is one of our basic needs, and these days, most of us live in some sort of framed home. But what framing supplies do you need to build a home? Idaho Pacific Lumber Company (IdaPac) is a wholesale building supplier, offering the best lumber supplies, framing materials, millwork, siding, insulation, and so much more for custom home builders, construction companies, framing companies, and homeowners, as well as those who work in commercial building projects. Below, we’ll take a look at what framing supplies you need to build a home. Order from your construction supply company┬á today!

Wood frame of a house made with lumber


Most homes have some sort of a wooden frame as their core structure. From wooded floor joists to 2×4 boards for the frame, lumber is the primary and most common framing materials used in residential buildings.


Plywood is another common framing supply you’ll see on construction sites. Plywood is used on structural beams, as subflooring, and even as well sheathing that then holds and supports the studs in the wall. Plywood is also commonly found in roof supports, too.


You can think of sheathing as an extra layer on your home’s walls to make them stronger. Sheathing materials are attached to the walls’ frames to provide strength and a base for attaching siding and other exterior building materials.

exterior details of new home under construction

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are almost always made from lumber supplies in a residential home build. They are the structural framework that both supports the room and creates the space beneath the roof, most commonly the attic. They also determine the shape of the roof and ceiling.


IdaPac is passionate about being your construction supply company of choice. We offer a wide variety of building supplies to meet your needs, including rough framing materials and specialty wood products. If you are interested in learning more and getting started, contact us today!