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If you are a construction company that specializes in residential, commercial, or multi-family building projects, odds are, you use a lot of lumber supplies. Thus, you often buy your building supplies in bulk for many reasons.  Idaho Pacific Lumber Company (IdaPac) is a builders supply company offering many building materials for your needs, including framing supplies, wood plants, framing lumber, and wholesale wood. Learn about the benefits of using a wholesale building supply company, and contact us today!

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Wide Lumber Selection

Let’s face it, you don’t build cookie-cutter houses or office buildings. Every house or building is different, so you need a wide variety of building materials to meet your needs. Wholesale building supply companies offer dozens of options to choose from.


You buy in bulk because bulk is cheaper, and in the construction industry where margins can be low, every penny counts. Our millwork supply company offers great discounts to our loyal customers. Get started today!

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Access to Experts

While you could shop at a chain lumber store and get what you need, odds are, the store associates won’t know what they are selling you, and if you ask them questions, they may be puzzled, too. With a wholesale building supply company, you will have access to experts who can ensure you get the right wholesale building materials for the job.

On-Time Deliveries

One small delay in any task on a construction site can cause costly consequences down the road. When you partner with a top-rated wholesale building supply company such as IdaPac, you can rest assured that your lumber and building supplies will arrive on-time.


Partner with IdaPac as your wholesale building supply company of choice. From decking and railing to framing supplies and crane mats, we’ve got your construction supplies covered. Call today!