Let’s face it, lumber is at the heart of what you do as a builder, whether you are building a custom home or you are building a large multi-family housing complex. Fundamentally, lumber forms the frame, or the structure, of your buildings. It’s what gives the home shape, and what determines how the rest of the building will turn out. From the beams to the rafters, lumber is crucial to your new construction build.

IdaPac, or Idaho Pacific Lumber Company, is a lumber supplier to builders and construction contractors, as well as homeowners looking to remodel or add on to an existing structure. Since 1979, our employee-owned lumber supply company has been making the lives of builders and project managers easier with our on-time lumber supplies. We offer competitive pricing, and our customer service is through the roof (pardon the pun). Below, we’ll take a look at the lumber used in a typical construction project. Partner with our lumber supply company today!


Framing is crucial to your new home or commercial building. When you drive by a construction site, the first phase of a building consists of stick framing. Stick framing is where the skeleton of the home is built. This includes wall studs, floor and ceiling joists, and the roof trusses or the rafters. These are placed stick-by-stick (hence the name) on the jobsite using lumber cut to the exact sizes needed.

 Stick Framing

Stick framing is sometimes called platform framing because when you construct a building, you start on the first floor platform or the foundation. Then the walls are added and the second floor platform is begun. Once that is finished the process continues until you finish with the roof framing. Almost all new-home construction is built this way because it has been time-tested and proven to be the most efficient and highest-quality way to build a home.


Cladding are all of the planks, shingles, shakes, boards, and other building supply materials that form the outside layer of your building. This layer is critical to energy efficiency, the resistance of your home to weather, and the longevity of your home’s building materials



Lumber is crucial to roofing as it forms the framework for the roofing materials to be laid upon that ultimately keeps the elements and critters at bay. The roofing material, be it asphalt shingles or metal, is nailed or affixed to the lumber or sheathing on top of the lumber to form your building’s roof.

Choosing the right lumber supplier can make all the difference in your construction project. From the quality of the materials to the timely delivery of lumber supplies, you need a lumber supplier who can meet and preferably exceed your expectation. With IdaPac, we’ve got your wholesale building materials covered. Call our builders supply company to get started today!