Committed Employees

One of the biggest differences with IdaPac from other lumber companies is the fact that we are employee-owned. This gives each of our employees a buy-in for the lumber business and a caring attitude that is just not possible elsewhere. Most of our employees have been at IdaPac for a very long time. They are experienced industry professionals who can answer all of your questions to ensure you are getting the best building supplies for your needs.

Wide Selection of Products To Suit Your Needs

Let’s face it, if you can get everything you need at one place, you are more likely to patronize that business. This is because it saves you time and hassle over going to multiple stores to get what you need. IdaPac was founded with the idea to be the construction industry of choice for all of the building materials you may need. We offer rough framing materials, panel products, engineered wood products, roofing materials, doors and cabinets, and so much more. Our lumber materials spread the gamut from oak and pine to walnut and plywood. Contact our lumber company to learn more.

Focus on the Customer

You don’t stay in business for over 40 years without doing something right, and that something is taking care of your customers. Our focus and attention have always been on our customers. Every new process we implement or a new product we carry is undertaken with the idea to help us serve you better. We value our customers’ feedback and are always looking for ways to serve them better. We put 100% effort into everything we do with the goal being to exceed our customers’ expectations. By offering affordable products our customers love, we believe we’ve succeeded in our mission.