As mentioned above, engineered wood is wood that has been treated somehow to have added properties mostly for the benefit of the construction industry. So what are these uses?


Engineered wood is a common building supply used for roofs. Since it is stronger than regular wood and can hold up the elements better, it is a popular wood used for framing materials, especially plywood. The wood products used in roofing need to be able to stand up to extreme temperature fluctuations, as well as hold the weight of the roofing materials placed on top of it, including the roof, solar panels, and more.


Because flooring can take a beating (picture your dog or kids here), engineered wood products are becoming increasingly a popular choice for wood flooring. From rim board to oriented strand board (OSB), you’ll see all types of engineered wood chosen for flooring. Like all woods, you can stain engineered wood to match your aesthetic preference, so you’ll see this building material used in kitchens, entrance ways, and living spaces.


People love the look of wood, including for their furniture. However, taking care of wood furniture can be cumbersome. From oiling and waxing to dusting and re-oiling, most of us don’t have the time anymore to care for real wood. Engineered wood comes with a lot less maintenance than real wood, looks just as good, and is strong, yet pliable. Plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) are popular choices for engineered wood furniture.

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